Being an Igbo man, It’s not easy being Muslim in Igbo community or where majority are Christians because of the long time misconceptions, lies & propaganda against Islam,

but my choice was a spiritual transformation & innate feelings to serve & worship my Creator in the most purest ways.

By God will, I was born into a very strong Christian home. Later in 1996, when Anglican church approved the wedding of same sex in most European countries, I was shocked & couldn’t believe how this abomination could happen. As i became independent as a man, I began to question some Christian doctrines of different denominations which became offensive to my pastors & fellow Christians, who started calling me Antichrist for questioning the church.

When I tried to understand the logic of 3 God in one, the killing of Jesus by God to save mankind from Satan, Jesus being God, & many unimaginable beliefs I was taught as a child, no better explanation rather I was told never to question the Bible or church.
On 14th of June 2014, the light of God sparked on me & on that faithful day, I got the courage to sit down with a Muslim to question him about some negative thoughts I have about Islam, such as – why do Muslims not believe in God, why do Muslims not believe in Jesus, why do Muslims believe in killing, why do Muslims worship sun/Moon, why do Muslims worship Muhammad, etc
To my surprise, all the answers was not what I expected. But I disagreed, accusing the Muslim of lying or hiding their beliefs. From that that I decided to purchase some Islamic texts and English Qur’an to verify and research by myself.
Finally, I came to find out that all (100%+) of what I’ve been hearing about Islam are not true. Finally, I made it & embraced Islam – the True Religion of God, Alhamdulilah.

As we know, Many people are born into their religion. For them it is mostly a matter of legacy & convenience. Their belief is based on faith, not just in the teachings of the religion but also in the acceptance of that religion from their family, community or culture. For the person who converts, it is a matter of fierce conviction & defiance. Our belief is based on a combination of faith & logic because we need a powerful reason to abandon the traditions of our families & community to embrace beliefs foreign to both. Conversion is a risky step. because it can result in losing family, friends & community support.


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