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10th NASS: Political Leaders Task Bayelsa Lawmakers On Unity

By our correspondent

Political and opinion leaders from Bayelsa Sate have congratulated lawmakers from the state on their inauguration as members of the 10th National Assembly.

They also urged the Reps and and members of the Senate to be united in action, enact laws and carry out their oversight functions in the overall interest of the state and nation at large.

At a reception organised in honour of the newly inaugurated lawmakers in Abuja, the political leaders urged also urged them to put the interest of the Nigerian people at the forefront in their legislative duties.

The state Commissioner for Agriculture, David Alagoa expressed confidence with the quality and experience of the lawmakers elected on the platform of the PDP, stating that it will be a game-changer for the state.

“When you look at the team, definitely it is the best and also, it is worth pointing out that this will also promote Govenor Diri’s campaign for a second term in office.

“It is evident that Gov. Diri has done well.

‘‘The message is that continue to do very will what you have done that endeared you this position in the National Assembly’’, he remarked.

He added that he was hopeful that the newly inaugurated members is a formidable force that will bring their wealth of experience to bear in the NASS and is sure of the Governor’s victory in the fourth coming election due to the giant strides of achievements experienced since the Prosperity governor took the reins of Affairs in the state.

In the same vein, Adviser to the Bayelsa State Governor on Chieftaincy Affairs, Chief Douyi Douglas Naingba noted that expectations are high for the newly inaugurated 10th assembly members.

According to Chief Naingba, although the relationship between the NASS and titled Chiefs in the country has lacked a formal structure with no clearly spelt out constitutional role, the traditional rulers expect that the 10th NASS will come up with policies and laws that will create opportunities for Chiefs to legally contribute towards the development of the country.

‘‘Traditional rulers are not made to decorate or embellish the nation.

‘‘Also, BVAS has given Nigerians the opportunity to elect their leaders, and that is why we have a very good representation from Bayelsa State at the NASS which is an evidence of the peoples wish and I know that they will do their best to represent us’’ he said.

Frm Commisioner of Sports Bayelsa state, Dongoli Ebikitimi Sunday noted that it is very unique that the state is able to produce 8 members who are all from the same Political party.

“I am sure they will work in synergy to see that everything that is supposed to be done for the state to progress and the Nation to develop will be done, they will be able to front a common interest by pushing bills that will become laws which will eventually bring the needed development in the state.

There will be a cordial relationship between the party and the state, from what we are seeing there is a fertile platform for the governor to win in the forth coming election because his approach to issues and his commitment to the state reveals that he has a great chance to win the elections.

Bayelsan should be focused committed and resolute, we should not pull each other down and we should not assassinate each others character, we should look at the common interest of development of Bayelsa State and work towards achieving that goal and aim.”

Furthermore, Frm Commissioner of Finance, Solomon Apreala noted that there are a lot of issues pleading for attention, quick solutions and quick fixtures.

According to him, Nigerians expect that President Tinubu will assembly good team and work closely with this 10TH assembly to hit the ground running to the benefit of Nigerians.

‘‘If you look at the composition of the National Assembly, you will see that we will have an exciting and robust debate on the floor because of this dilution so the assembly will not be a robber stamp assembly.

‘We expect a lot of new things, a very vibrant assembly and different from the past administration and we are hoping that there will be a new direction for the country’’ he said.

Technical Adviser to the Governor on Sports, Copule Ayamale, noted that the PDP party in the state has performed well to produce a great team that will push for the agenda of the Ijaw Nation.

He advised the newly elected members to work hard, have a very cordial relationship with each other and the state governor.

‘‘We are hoping that they work hard, we want them to ensure that all that is due for the state at the National level gets to the state. We want them to have a strong voice at the National assembly’’ he said.

Speaking on the second tenure of Govr Diri, Ayamale noted that he was convinced of the success of the governor at the pools noting that his work will speak for him.

‘‘We are happy for what the governor is doing, he has funded the ministry of sports and you can see that our athletes have been exceptional and we score him high’’ he said.

Assistant General Friends of Senator Douye Diri , FSDD Mr David Ebiokobo Waripamowei said as Politics is a game of numbers, Bayelsa State will enjoy a very robust representation at the 10th NASS adding that all the elective members are coming in with experience and expertise.

He explained that the Ijaw nation is large and widely scatted as he urged the newly inaugurated members to work as a team, galvanize their ideas for the common good of the Ijaw nation.



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