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Subsidy Removal: APC Young Professionals Council urges Tinubu to increase Minimum wage

The Young Professionals Council of the All Progressives Congress has called on President Bola Tinubu to embark on immediate palliative measures to reduce the effect of the subsidy removal on the citizens.

In a statement signed by the group Director-General, Hon. Fatai Abiodun urged the APC to communicate in clear terms to the citizens in language they will understand the need for the removal of the subsidy which is for the greater good of the country and roll out immediate measure to ameliorate the suffering that would come with such important decision.

The APC- Young Professionals Council, as a party’s support group founded solely to help in strengthening the party by guiding and providing professional solutions to the challenges facing the nation and promoting the progressive agenda of the Party, urged Mr. President, His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu to liaise with the State Governors on the need to increase the minimum wage across the board in line with the 40 per cent increment approved by the immediate administration to reflect the current reality.

While calling on Nigerians to give the government a benefit of doubt on the subsidy saga, the council expressed confidence in the Tinubu’s ability to make life easy for the populace through the renewed hope agenda.

“There is no orientation we can give to anyone that is hungry. The Payment of N30k as minimum wage is no longer in tandem with the current realities. Many Civil Servants and Private Employees would not be able to survive under the increment of transportation and goods and services. There must be reasonability with the amount of minimum wage.

“Other Oil producing nations who are not subsidizing their oil are not paying N30,000.00 as Minimum wage. We must be sincere to tell the Party and the Government the truth”. Fatai Abiodun said.


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