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IYC Open Letter To President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Dear President

The Ijaw Youth Council, under the leadership of Dr. Alaye Theophilus commends you for your reforms in governance since you became the president of this great nation.

As Council, we know that the removal of fuel subsidy is long overdue. Hence, it was expected, but the hardship that followed this decision is one that Nigerians can not continue to bear. The Niger Delta region is not left out of this sufferings.

We also know that the agitations of the NLC do not represent the entire country as they are only agitating for salary increase for civil servants who represent less than 50% of the country population.

The IYC is proposing that the federal government should focus on regulatory agencies, particularly food agencies and other essential household items.

Regulation of food prices has become docile.

Improve and focus on the local economy as regards food production and security. The government must be intentional in improving our local economy.

The federal government should harness the economy of the Niger Delta region, our marine resources, and crude oil to reduce the recurrent sufferings of our people.

We also solicit that the government should stop the continuous stealing by government agencies, parastatals, and politicians who have caused our naira to be hidden in various places outside the country. These funds should be returned to the country for more cash flow in our economy, thereby making the naira to have relevance.

The issue of oil theft that has been micromanaged by an independent security outfit such as Tantita Security is highly appreciated by the Council, which has gone along the way to fight against oil theft in the Niger Delta. However, the government should go after the real thieves and bring them to face the full wrath of the law. We are yet to see the prosecution of oil theft offenders. Also, when vessels are accosted, they should not be burnt as they cause air pollution, which is environmental terriorism against our people.

However like every other sector, the Oil and Gas sector requires an improvement, we demand that the government urgently formulate a Presidential bill to legalize and manage Artisan engagement and involvement in oil and gas produce as a way of participation and an advantage in local production.

We recommend that the President should order and read the book Riddles of the Oil thief by our King Bubaraye Dakolo, which would give more insight into who the real oil thieves are.

we recommend that the federal government also implement the PIA that has been passed to law and engage locals in order to put to rest issues in the oil and gas sector.

We commend the Central Bank of Nigeria for their consistent review of policies that gives advantage to the naira, however the peculiar economic situation we are faced in the country cannot be improved by just monetary policies for it is not in the framework of the CBN to promote local production.

Therefore, we urge the federal government to sack all directors of agencies responsible for the improvement of local economic progression.

We are proposing that 5 % of the subsidy removal fund should pass through PPP and other well meaning strategic partners for direct local economy booster and these funds should be accessible to local farmers, trade unions and transport companies to effectively subsidize the cost of living in Nigeria.

Your Excellency, sir, the current situation I the country requires urgent attention as neglect to the plight of the people is a call for revolution and a replay of the Venezuela situation in the country.
Youths across the country are agitated over the heart aching economic disaster in the county. If nothing is done urgently, the lingering issues can go beyond control.

We perceive an alleged interference by the military if the situation of the country persists



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