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Lagos 2027: Ambode, Man On A Mission Again

The election of Akinwumi Ambode as governor of Lagos State in 2015 was one of the best decisions ever made by the people of the state in its political history since its creation. He came, saw and conquered his footprint, which is still visible for all to see.

He came and built on solid foundation laid by his predecessors which further put the state on the pedestal of best-in-class for business, education, tourism and world class edifice that beautifies the city, making it the envy of others.

Gentle, soft-spoken, prudent, solution oriented, and indeed an embodiment of unscathed integrity, His Excellency former governor Ambode ticked all the boxes in leadership, ranging from infrastructure, transparency and accountability, improved security, transport infrastructure, investment, promotion of tourism, education and healthcare and all other endeavours.

Within four years in office, he remodelled Lagos, making it an investment destination for big businesses from within and outside the country. He massively touched the lives of millions of Lagosians in every sphere such that it would appear as if he had been in office for a far longer period.

He caused a paradigm shift, taking government from the urban centre to the suburbs and opening up their narrow roads, giving them modern streets with lights that also link the arterial highways. It’s been a seamless arrangement that has prevented traffic glut on the expressways.

Ambode’s health and education initiatives equally penetrated across suburbs in Lagos, giving opportunities to the son of a nobody to have access to free and decent education that would prepare them for the future. Understanding the place of science in the current educational system, during his tenure in office, Ambode established templates suggesting a progressive look into the future where science and tech will lead.

The silent achiever who does not want to blow his own trumpet pushed Lagos as a foremost player in the crusade for food security through LAKE Rice project, a collaborative effort with the Kebbi state government to ensure that there is enough food for the people. Sports, judiciary, and other sectors also received brilliant initiatives in the hands of Ambode to emotionally endear him to the people of Lagos and to move the state to a higher level.

Little wonder so many groups are on a daily basis driving a renewed vigour for the return of Ambode in 2027 to continue his midas touch in Lagos development agenda. This they believe will give him the opportunity to have a second shot in the Government House as the constitution permits.

One of the groups drumming support for the return of Ambode is APC stakeholder, which has consistently mobilized stakeholders even from within the current government in Lagos to back a Ambode candidacy come 2027.

An ardent supporter of President Bola Tinubu, he has continued to defend the actions and policies of the federal government with utmost vigour, preaching the gospel of patience among Nigerians for the current government amidst the difficulties economic environment.

We cannot forget, how upon assumption of office in 2015 Ambode worked with the Federal authorities to end crime in Lagos. The Lagos State Security Trust Fund under Ambode made one of the largest security donations ever to the Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies, donating power bikes, operational vehicles, armored personnel carriers, bullet proof vests, ballistics and even helicopters.

To further compliment the efforts of Federal security agencies, the Ambode administration established the Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Agency saddled with the responsibility of collaborating with the Federal Police and other security outfits to ensure a safe Lagos State. The Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Corps is a model for community policing and other state governments are now replicating in view of the prevalent security challenges.

These and many other giant initiatives we hope that he would consolidate on in 2027 upon his second missionary journey by God’s grace.

I also join the APC stakeholders to urge all Lagosians to back the candidate with a proven track record of excellence to be on the saddle.



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