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Encomiums as Hon. Commissioner Anthony Dike retires from Tax Tribunal

One of the foremost Honourable Commissioners of the Tax Appeal Tribunal Lagos Zone, Hon. (Chief) Mark Anthony Dike has successfully retired from the Tribunal upon clocking the 70 years age exit limit as provided by Section 4 of the 5th Schedule of the Federal Inland Revenue Service Act 2007.

Chief Dike, a renowned Tax Administrator retired from the Service of the Federal Inland Revenue Service as Director of Tax Policy in 2014 before he was appointed a Commissioner of the Tax Appeal Tribunal for three years in the first instance and was renewed in July 2021 for another term.

In her remark, the Coordinating Secretary, Ms Anita Erinne praised Chief Dike for his years of dedicated service and unwavering commitment to the dispensation of justice in the Tax Sector.

“In the relatively short time we worked together, I had the privilege of observing Chief Dike’s professionalism, unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of fairness and justice, and the consequential profound impact on that tax adjudication process.

“Chief Dike’s tenure has been marked by significant progress in the resolution of tax disputes, promoting compliance with the tax laws as well as transparency in tax administration. His integrity and passion in public service is unassailable.” Ms Anita said

In the same vein, the Chairman of the Panel 1, Lagos Zone, Hon. (Bar.) Lanre lassies-Phillips eulogized Chief Dike for his tenacity in upholding the virtues of Tax adjudication till the end and prayed to God to grant him a better life after retirement.

The retiree, Chief Mark Dike expressed appreciation to the Honourable Ministers of Finance both current and former for finding him worthy to be so appointed as Honourable Commissioner of the Tax Appeal Tribunal, and tendered undiluted thanks to the Executive Chairman of the FIRS (both Current and former), former Coordinating Secretaries for their support and encouragement.

Chief Dike also used the opportunity to congratulate the new Coordinating Secretary, Ms. Anita Erinne on her appointment and wish her a very successful tenure in office.

Chief Dike advised that accountants, auditors and other players in the tax environment should be encouraged to participate actively in the adjudication process as expert witnesses since they are generally the ones handling the tax returns of companies/taxpayers and as a result, they know about the nuts and bolts of tax computation and compliance.

“Finally, Mr. Chairman, Honourable Commissioners, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to go now. But in doing so, I wish to say to you all that if we meet again, we shall smile. If otherwise, the parting was well made” Chief Dike



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