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NDDC ALERT: Beware of Counterfeit Project HOPE Schemes

In response to a surge in fraudulent activities surrounding the NDDC’s “Project HOPE” empowerment initiative, the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has issued a comprehensive guide to help the public distinguish between authentic and fake websites associated with the program.

A statement by Pius Ughakpoteni, Director, Corporate Affairs reveals things to identify that differentiates between authentic and fake websites associated with the program.

The Fake Website:

URL: The deceptive site can be accessed at

False Offers: It mimics an official NDDC platform, falsely advertising “Youth Data Registration” and “Niger Delta Skills Database.”

Data Solicitation: This deceptive site illegitimately requests personal information and educational certificates, misleadingly implying registration for non-existent opportunities.

No Affiliation: This website is not affiliated with NDDC or any legitimate programs.

The Genuine Website:

URL: The official NDDC Project HOPE website is

Verified Information: All legitimate information and opportunities related to NDDC and its initiatives are available on this site.

Official Endorsement: This is the sole NDDC-sanctioned online platform for Project HOPE-related activities.

How to Stay Safe:

Avoid Data Submission: Refrain from providing personal information or responding to requests from fraudulent websites.

Beware of False Promises: Do not disclose details or make payments for securing positions in non-existent schemes.

Report Suspicious Activity: Report the fraudulent website to local authorities.

NDDC’s Assurance:

Commitment to Legitimate Opportunities: NDDC is committed to providing genuine opportunities for the youth of the Niger Delta, always communicated through verified channels.

Security Measures: Security agencies are actively investigating fraudulent activities, with a determination to protect the public and the integrity of the NDDC.

Your vigilance and cooperation are crucial in preventing the exploitation of innocent individuals by these scams. The public is urged to stay informed and report any suspicious activity promptly.





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