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Godfrey Okoye University Orders Students To Wear Faculty Uniforms

The management of the Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu State, has banned indecent dressing and implemented a new dress code for students and staff.

Christian Anieke, the university’s vice-chancellor, announced this on Tuesday while speaking to staff and students returning from the Christmas and New Year holidays.

According to Aneke, all students should wear their faculty uniforms with appropriate ties and shoes.

No student is expected to wear slippers, rugged jeans, coloured hair, long fingers, fez caps or artificial eyelashes,” he directed.

Mr Anieke expressed regret that most students and staff wear t-shirts with unauthorised inscriptions, in violation of the school’s dress code, and ordered male students to properly comb or shave their hair.

The vice-chancellor revealed that the university’s management had implemented qualitative assessments of all teaching and non-teaching staff.

“Principal officers of the institutions will henceforth visit the lecture halls to assess the lectures by the academic staff while the non-teaching staff will submit their roll calls at the beginning and closing of each day’s activities,” Mr Anieke explained.

“Students who fail to attend lectures will not be allowed to sit for examinations.”

He announced that the institution’s 14th matriculation would take place on January 27, emphasising that female matriculants would not be permitted to wear shoes taller than four centimetres. Males must dress in a suit with a matching tie.

This is not the first time a Nigerian university would be implementing a directive towards enhancing decent dressing on campus.

For instance, the management of Rivers State University banned students from wearing miniskirts, ankle chains (anklets or ankle bracelets), and false eyelashes in October 2022.

The school management also banned students from having tattoos and dressing in a certain way considered “indecent” on campus.

This was disclosed in an Internal Memorandum released by the Registrar of the school, Dr. S. C. Enyindah last Wednesday, October 19, 2022, compelling all the students to obey the prohibitive order with immediate effect.



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