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Regi George Hands Over To Oludare Aimola As Cricket Club Abuja (CCA) President On Sunday 18th December

…As Final Match Between CCA Tigers and Millennium Indians In The CCA/OLAM Agri T20 Blast Holds on Sunday.

Mr. Regi George, the outgoing President of the Cricket Club Abuja will tomorrow, Sunday, 18th of December hand over to the newly elected President of the Club in a ceremony after the final match to determine winner of this year’s edition of the CCA/Olam Agri T20 Blast.

The tournament which commenced on 27th November, 2022 had six matches played over a period of three Sundays in the last three weeks.

At the end of last Sunday’s matches, the Millennium Indians qualified to play the final game, while the CCA Panthers and the Millennium Challengers will play the 3rd place match this Sunday starting at 8am, just before the final match.

Analysis of last Sunday’s games are as follows:

CCA Panthers versus Millennium Indians; The Millennium Indians won the toss and chose to bat first in the 20 overs opening inning. At the end of 20 overs, the Indians scored 198 runs for the loss of 4 wickets.
The CCA Panthers came in the second inning to chase 198 runs and needed 199 runs to win. At the end of the second inning of 20 overs, the CCA Panthers were only able to score 195 runs for the loss of 4 wickets.

The Millennium Indians won by 33 runs. Top scorers on both sides are as follows, Abhishek Patel (Indians) scored 73 runs off 53 balls, Muhammad Hashim (CCA Panthers) 61 runs off 49 balls and Aditya Chaudhry scored 55 runs of 47 balls.
In the second game of last Sunday’s games, the Millennium Challengers won the toss and chose to bat first. At the end of 16.2 overs, the Challengers scored 92 runs for the loss of 10 wickets.

The CCA Tigers came in the second inning to chase 92 runs and needed 93 runs to win. In 10.1 overs, the Tigers scored 98 runs for the loss of 2 wickets. The CCA Tigers won by 8 wickets.

Best performances from the 2 sides were, Kalpa Alwis (CCA Panthers), who scored 54 runs off 32 balls, Saad Tariq Butt (CCA Panthers) scored 30 runs off 16 balls and Shushant Shinde (Millennium Challengers) scored 16 runs off 14 balls.

The CCA/Olam Agri T20 Blast is a yearly tournament organized by the Cricket Club Abuja and is the Brainchild of outgoing President of the CCA and has been on for about three years now. The tournament has Olam Agri as major sponsor with a cash price of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500, 000) for the winners of the final match between the CCA Tigers and the Millennium Indians tomorrow starting at 12 noon. Other sponsors are Aspira, Fiullmark, Cilantro Restaurant,  Prime Housing, KnF Food Art.

The third place match is scheduled to take place between the CCA Panthers and the Millennium Challengers at 8.30 am.

After the final game at 1pm, the inauguration of the newly elected Executive Committee of the CCA will take place.
There is a huge Cash Price for winners of this year’s Tournament sponsored by Olam Agri. The sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) will be at stake in the final game while various cash prizes have been won in games played so far and more cash prizes are still in the offering for players in the remaining games of the tournament.

The Cricket Club Abuja, the foremost Cricket Club in the FCT and environs was established in 2006 to develop the game of Cricket in Abuja and it’s environs as well as provide an avenue for lovers of the game to play Cricket on a regular basis with tournaments and competitions organised yearly.

The President of the Cricket Club Abuja, Mr. Regi George and his Executive Committee are expected to handover to a new Executive Committee headed by newly elected President, Mr. Oludare Aimola after the final game of the tournament on Sunday, 18th December, 2022 at the CCA Oval, Package B, Moshood Abiola Stadium, Abuja.

The newly elected CCA Executive Committee is as follows; Oludare Aimola- President, Saad Tariq Butt – Vice President, Michael Egiethua – General Secretary/PRO, Nithin John – Financial Secretary, Amit Sebastian – Captain, Talabi Obafemi – Vice Captain, Amir Shahzau – Administrative Officer and the outgoing President automatically became Ex-Officio member.
Mr. Regi George, the outgoing President of CCA is Vice President at Olam Agri. He has managed the affairs of the CCA as President for the past 4 years. At a time when membership of the Club was very low and with very few subscribed members, Regi George filled the gap and made sure that the club stayed afloat with regards to its financial obligations. He organized tournaments, funded several secondary schools cricket development programmes and made sure the club’s regular Sunday training happened on a regular basis.

Mr. Oludare Aimola, the incoming President of CCA is a member of the Board of the Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF) and the Chairman of the Kogi State Cricket Association. He is also the Managing Director of Prime Housing Nigeria Limited. He has been involved in sponsorship of various Cricket Development programmes in the FCT and the North Central Zone which he represents on the board of the NCF.

The four participating teams are, the CCA Panthers, CCA Tigers, Millennium Challengers and the Millennium Indians.



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