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UFUK Dialogue Hosts HalimaFactor Community Initiative (PHOTOS)

UFUK Dialogue a non-profit organisation with special interest in the promotion of dialogue and a culture of peaceful co-existence, on Thursday played host to HalimaFactor Community Initiative, also a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the enhancement of education, health and environment in Abuja.

At the visit led by the founder of HalimaFactor Community Initiative, Halima Usman, the President of UFUK Dialogue, Mr. Emrah Ilgen briefed the delegation on the several activities it has embarked on since its establishment in Nigeria over a decade ago, aimed at promoting peace and unity across the country’s religious and ethnic divides, as well as women empowerment, promotion of education through its Nigerian Turkish International Colleges (NTIC) and others.

Mr. Ilgen stated that over the years, Ufuk dialogue has organized several event jointly chaired by leaders of the two major religions in Nigeria and also had the presence and commitment of federal and state governments, traditional rulers and other well intentioned Nigerians on how to work together to ensure that peace through dialogue and spearheading social intervention projects in health, education, water and sanitation, orphanages and more.

According to Ilgen, other arms beings used to carry out their many humanitarian services as a give back to the Nigerian society including NTIC Foundation, Near Foundation and others, all designed to heal the sick, feed the hungry, provide succour for the fatherless and the motherless, protect communities against preventable diseases, provide nutritional support for destitute households among others.

In her remarks, Usman expressed gratitude to UFUK Dialogue and the arms for their efforts in not only promoting unity and peaceful co-existence in Nigeria, but giving back to the society, an activity she said is in line with what her Initiative does to promote educatorstion, health and environmental sustainability.

She said the Initiative has continued to lead the advocacy for inclusivity in education which it has exemplified by setting up the the annual North-East Festival of Literature, Culture and Creativity aimed at promoting educational values through creative Writing, Arts, and Culture.

She said the programme which has been on in nearly a decade has helped individuals realise their potentials to prepare them to contribute meaningfully to the development of the society, in addition to several scholarships her Initiative has awarded to students across various parts of the country from primary to tertiary institution.

According to her, HalimaFactor Community Initiative not long ago concluded its “Feed And Read Pilot programme” where no fewer than 20 Almajiri pupils successfully underwent a 3-month basic literacy class in Gombe State, where they were also provided with food as well as toiletries to keep them clean and healthy. She also reiterated the commitment of the initiative to raising responsive and responsible Nigerians.

It is expected that the visit and discussions will open up possibilities for partnership between the two organisations in coming days.

Joining Mr. Ilgen to receive the Halimafactor Community Initiative delegation was the Managing Director,NTIC Mr. Fevzullah Bilgin and other staff.



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