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Lady Accused Of Blackmail As She Sues Ex-Lover, Demands N100m Compensation

A Lagos baby mama, Natasha Abba George, popularly known as Diamond Gold has come under fire for allegedly milking her former lover, Lanre Teriba popularly known as Atorise with reckless abandon and impunity while also ridiculing him on her social media pages, begging & pressuring different bloggers to help her in dragging the father of her children over irresponsibility.

She has since sued her ex-lover, demanding a whopping sum of N100m in compensation despite not being in a legally binding marriage contract with him.

Natasha Abba George

Our correspondent was reliably informed that Atorise started having a rethink about their relationship when he discovered that Natasha was into “hook up” and worked as a PRO in a certain club in Lagos Nigeria. We also gathered that ever since the relationship between the duo started, she has been keeping record of their telephone conversations and chats as part of evidence to pursue her nefarious ambitions in court.

It is also surprising how she goes about tarnishing the image of the father of her children, whose name they bear as their surname. She has also been accused of embarking on his mission to cause her ex-lover losses since she has nothing to lose.

According to a Lagos based OAP, Name withheld, who claims to be aware of the deals between the two ex-lovers spoke with our correspondent on Friday 9th of December.

She however wondered why Natasha has resorted to maligning and blackmailing the father of her children despite his efforts to ensure that they live a decent and comfortable life.

She further explains that she knew the both lovers even before their relationship started flourishing and later hit the rock. She frowned at Natasha’s penchant for dragging her ex-lover, Atorise on social media without any justifiable reason.

She then says “For me, the only thing is that, Natasha’s attitude to this whole avoidable drama clearly shows criminal greed, a woman who is greedy and unhappy with herself at the same time. She is bittered and feasts on blackmailing the father of her children at any slightest provocation. She lies seamlessly and with utmost ease, sadly a lot of people are easily carried away by her cunning antics. I think it will be evil for me to keep quiet and watch her feed the public with half truths, and barefaced lies just to curry their sympathy when I know the true situation of things.

“This is somebody whose accommodation is being paid for by the same man she desperately seeks to pull down. The same man ensures the prompt payment of her children’s school fees as well as the monthly allowances and make sure they lacks nothing at home. He ensures their medical bills are paid, ensures that she and her children have sound & healthy condition yet all he gets is premeditated wickedness and evil in reward. Natasha this is very mean of you!!!”

The OAP whose name has been withheld further stated that despite taking Atorise to court, Natasha has consistently resorted to self-help by contemptuously bringing the matter on social media, while she pays blogs to dish out false contents. wondering if she has lost confidence in the country’s judiciary.

The lady however challenged Natasha to make available to the public her statement of account from 2020 at the peak of COVID-19 till date, if she claims her ex-lover has not done enough to cater for her and her children.

“While people sat at home, without any business or economic activities, Atorise ensured that he fulfils his obligations as a responsible father. I can tell you that all the funds Natasha received from him in 2020 alone is in excess of N2m. What else does she want?

“Is she still feasting on her own flesh that the relationship failed? Is she still nursing the pain of a heartbreak for which she ought to have moved forward after several years? Does she have ulterior motive? Has she not done him enough damage with the plethora of lies she dishes out on the social media? I feel deeply pained and I believe she is being engineered by unseen forces. It remains to be seen what their intents are” she said.

She further stated with proofs that Natasha is on monthly allowance for her upkeep and that of her children, wondering why she would not protect the dignity of her children by ending her orgy of bitterness against her ex-lover and stop dragging him on the social media.

She urged Natasha to stop relying on traditional means to get what she wants but allow the court to decide on the matter, insisting that Atorise has done a lot in showing care.

She then finally concluded by saying “Natasha is pained to her marrow that Atorise has dumped her. After his findings of her been a prostitute with tattoos all over her body which he frowned at. I mean Who wouldn’t dump her with this untamed show of frustration, bitterness and love for lesser powers? She has looked forward to milking an innocent man dry with her inordinate demands but that has not worked for her, now she has deployed cheap blackmail. This will fail too. The wheel of justice may be slow but it will definitely grind. The court will have the final decision” the source added.

All efforts to get a response from Natasha proved abortive as her telephone lines were switched off.



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