For Aarebinrin Princess Folashade, it’s 50 Years of God’s Golden faithfulness


By Fatai Abiodun

It was Albert Einstein a German-born theoretical physicist, widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest and most influential physicists of all time who noted that “Life’s good when it’s lived for oneself; it’s great when lived for others. The true means of happiness is to lose your mind by thinking for others!.”

For Aarebinrin Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba, her affinity to stand out is not only defined by the niche she has graciously carved for herself in the public service but a good heart she has demonstrated towards the weak and downtrodden in the society in a deliberate effort to lift them from the oblivion of depravity, denial and prepare them for a better future.

The celebration of one’s birthday gives associates, friends, families, and the public an avenue to express their opinions and thoughts about the celebrant. For Aarebinrin Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba, Indeed, it’s 50 years of God’s golden faithfulness.

From any angle one chooses to look at it, Aarebinrin Princess Folashade Olabanji -Oba is an astute public servant, administrator per excellent, and indeed a reliable mother of virtue. Princess Folashade as fondly called is always a rallying point among friends, peers, family, colleagues, and places of worship. She’s generous, kind, and pleasant to the core.

A mother, caregiver, mentor, orator, and administrator, she is sufficiently endowed with the anointing of unpretentious care and love for others especially women and children, not on the basis of religious or ethnic background but for the very fact, that they are humans.

The Ikorodu-born politician did not become the Vice Chairman of Ikorodu Local Government Area and also the National Deputy Chairman, Association of Local Government Vice Chairmen of Nigeria (ALGOVC) by luck but solely on her competency and affinity to get things done.

Her success stories as Vice Chairman of one of the populous Local Governments in Nigeria and her emergence as the Director Contacts and Mobilization of the APC Professionals Council, National Coordinator Of Yoruba Council Of Women Worldwide to list but a few are testimonials of a political titan.

As a productive Public servant who has refused to be slammed with the paintbrush of negativity, she has stood out in every sector where she had served with a clean bill of record. She gives no thought before spending her personal money to ensure that ‘government work’ is not unnecessarily bottled in a prolonged bureaucracy.

The workaholic woman, known for her peaceful disposition and an avid peacemaker leaves no one in doubt that truly its 50 years of golden and peaceful existence.

Over the years, she has proved that when a person is qualified enough for a job, their gender does not interfere with their performance.

Your Excellency Ma, it’s common to hear people saying beauty and knowledge rarely mix comes hand in hand, but this is not true in your case. You are a beautiful knowledgeable boss who has many more qualities to be praised for.

I have every reason to join your families, friends, and well-wishers to say Happy birthday to the pride of womanhood, a woman with the perfect blend of charisma and leadership!

One needs not bother about the joy of tomorrow as far as you lived. Ma, your life of glory will not be cut short. God will replicate another golden jubilee celebration for you in good health and prosperity.

Happy birthday to an Amazon!

Fatai Abiodun, ICT Expert | Journalist | Public Affairs Analyst writes from Abuja |


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