[Nepotism] Malami allegedly lobbies CJN Tanko to favour Justice Bello who failed ICC test for NJI Secretary Job


One thing that the opposition and many handlers of criticism have continue to use to rubbish the administration of President Muhammad Buhari is nepotism. In fact, it’s the only nemesis the presidency handlers find difficult to defend as far as Buhari-led administration is a concern simply because the southerner feel they were being marginalized.

Another thing the defenders of the presidency failed to consider is that an action can be lawful but not useful. The idea of saying ‘they will shout but we’ll have our way’ will never do us any good as a nation.

The configuration of the present judiciary is no different, as all those at the helm of affairs are northerners. Though some of them attained those stages by virtue of the constitution and other bodies like the National Judicial Council, Federal Judicial Service Commission, Body of Benchers, and few others except National Judicial Institute being man by a southerner whose tenure is about to retire in few months.

The lobby for the secretary of the institute started quite so long and many people were of the belief that in the interest of justice and unity, that post should be reserve for southerner at least to ‘give’ them a sign of participation even though it’s the prerogative of the Chief Justice of Nigeria to appoint a secretary for the institute.

Surprisingly, it was alleged that the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami SAN has forwarded the name of Buhari’s former nominee, retired Justice Ishaq Bello former Chief Judge of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, who failed in his bid to be elected as a judge of the International Criminal Court (ICC) after obtaining low score.

Even if Malami would use political influence to override the public interest must it be someone whom the ICC says lacked the required skill needed for the administration of justice.

*_When are we going to stop promoting half-baked over competency?_*

One does not need to tell the Chief Justice of Nigeria what to do, as we know that power is transient, he must be seen to do justice over any parochial sentiment.

The law establishing National Judicial Institute does not permit or request the Attorney General of the federation to recommend a candidate for the Chief Justice of Nigeria, so the CJN must show that his administration does not ‘hate’ southerner and must not subject the citadel of learning to try and error administration.

The CJN must vehemently resist any attempt that seeks to rubbish competency over nepotism which Malami’s recommendation was based on.

Salisu Gabar writes from Abuja salisugarba2000@gmail.com


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