‘Police Morale Has Dampened, Who Do We Turn To?’ – Yahaya Bello


The Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, said that now that the #EndSARS protest is over and the “police morale has dampened… who do we report to?”

Bello expressed this on the Sunrise Daily show on Channels Television on Tuesday.

He said that the motivations of the #EndSARS protest were purely political, stating that it was solely a 2023 ambition game for those involved.

He said, “I did say when COVID-19 came into this country that a few people are going to profiteer and that is what has happened. And I am saying it again that a few individuals are setting certain agenda for 2023. Now, from #EndSARS to hoodlums stealing CACOVID to various youths or people saying IPOB and statements. Various groups are making statements.

“Whether we like it or not, this is 2023 playing out by a few individuals who feel they can continue to use us in this country and I am urging all youths across the country to return home.

“Which struggle, which agitation, which uprising across the world has ever succeeded without leadership? I agree 100 percent (with the agitation) but if you look at what is happening, then you will have no option but to qualify it as politically motivated.

“Now SARS has ended, police morale has been dampened, they have gone off the streets, and the hoodlums have taken to the streets. Who do we report to?

“I did say that COVID-19 is political; I did say that COVID-19 has an economic undertone.”


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