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Bolivia judge says ex-President Morales cannot run for Senate

A judge in Bolivia has on Monday ruled that former president Evo Morales is not eligible to run for a senate seat in October’s elections.

Justice Minister, Alvaro Coimbra disclosed this on Twitter through a retweet of Fernando Aponte Larach  account,  after Judge Alfredo Jaimes Terrazas confirmed the former president was barred from running, in line with a decision by the Supreme Electoral Commission in February.

Morales, 60, is a hugely influential figure in Bolivia even though he currently lives in exile in Argentina after 14 years in power.

He fled into exile following three weeks of protests against his controversial re-election to an unconstitutional fourth term last October.

Morales had appealed to the constitutional court in La Paz  to overturn the electoral commission’s decision and permit him to run as a senate candidate for the central region of Cochabamba, where he emerged as a political leader decades ago.

Neither Morales nor his party, the Movement for Socialism (MAS), issued a statement in the immediate aftermath of the announcement.

Bolivia heads to the polls on October 18, a year after the elections that triggered mass protests over allegations of being rigged.



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