Paris, Tyson Fury’s Wife Begs Him To Quit Boxing After Anthony Joshua Fight.


Tyson Fury’s wife has begged the champion boxer to fight only once more – for the sake of his family.

Devoted Paris says he must take on arch rival Anthony Joshua – then call it a day to avoid being seriously hurt.

In an exclusive interview after Tyson’s stunning victory, Paris, 29, reveals how the couple considered a new life in Marbella or Monaco…but are sticking with Morecambe.

And she told how Tyson celebrated his £30 million ring win by getting back to normal life – and a trip to their local tip.

Paris said: “I’d like him to beat Anthony Joshua and then stop.

“He’s in the ring with supreme boxers and it is a dangerous sport. We both know the risks.

“I know one shot can change everything.”

The couple have been enjoying down to earth fun since Tyson stunned critics by beating Deontay Wilder at a celeb-studded bout in Las Vegas.

Millions of viewers saw the nail-biting clash – with VIPs names ringside like Leonardo DiCaprio, Gordon Ramsay and ex-One Direction star Liam Payne.

Paris said Fury vs AJ is the match the “whole world wants to see”.

And she hopes afterwards the Gypsy King, 31, – who now has own ITV fly on the wall show – will retire as the undefeated, undisputed greatest heavyweight in history.

Paris was speaking after returning home from Vegas after her husband’s stunning seven round victory over Wilder to bring home the WBC belt.

Joshua holds four other titles, and Paris said: “If they put all the belts on the line it would be such an amazing fight.

“I’d like him to take that one fight and retire undefeated.

“He can’t go on forever, he can’t go undefeated forever. I wouldn’t like to see him continue for too long and get hurt.

“I wouldn’t like to see him lose his record chasing money or fame. He doesn’t need that. He’s already cemented his name in the history books.”

After last week’s bout the champ serenaded his wife in the ring with a rendition of Don McLean classic American Pie.

“That’s just Tyson,” smiled Paris, “he’s an all or nothing person. When he’s happy he’s unbelievably happy. He’s larger than life.”

For now the couple are trying to return to a normal life with their five young children in the Lancashire seaside town of Morecambe.

“It’s been busy, busy, trying getting back to a normal life while 1,000s of people are trying to get in touch to congratulate him.

“He’s done the school run, he’s taking the rubbish to the tip and he’s pottered around a bit in the garden. It’s all about trying to get back to normality.”

This week Tyson’s dad John said he would want a “half a billion” pound purse for a fight with Joshua.

He said; “The man hasn’t been born or bred yet who can beat Tyson Fury . Get the money, half a billion, we’ll talk about it.”

But Paris said the mind-boggling amounts of money involved wouldn’t change them.

Tyson was spotted shopping with his kids at no-frills store Home Bargains. The chain offers cut price treats like a £2.99 Mr Bean DVD and £10 Spider Man costume.

Paris said: “He’s 31 now, we’ve always been sensible with money, we’ve invested sensibly.

“We already have X amount in the bank, it’s a funny one, but getting any more isn’t going to change us.

“We have a nice, comfortable life. I don’t pay attention to these crazy figures. What are we going to do with it?

“We’ve looked at footballers mansions, but we don’t want to move. We talked about moving to Marbella, Cannes, Monaco, but we don’t want to leave home. Our friends are here, the kids are settled. Why uproot it all?

“We’ve got everything we need, we know who to call if the washing machine breaks down and if the boiler needs fixing.

“He even went on at me the other day for buying some fancy cushions. He hasn’t changed and we aren’t going to change.”

She said sitting ringside in Vegas she did feel nervous – while her hubby was supremely confident.

“Before a fight I get nervous, but he’s really calm, he’s always confident. It’s always ‘when’ he wins, not ‘if’.

“Years ago I managed the nerves better because I knew he was fighting boxers at British or European level and I knew he was elite.

“Now he’s in the ring with supreme boxers and it is a dangerous sport. We both know the risks, but it’s what he wants to do.

“Even in this fight, even though round after round Tyson beat him, I knew that it only takes one punch. Deontay has that big knockout punch.

“I was with his brother at ringside and and we know one shot can change everything.”

She said her husband has had a battle with depression and drink and drug addiction with his weight ballooning to 28 stone.

She said Tyson was now doing “incredibly well” – but the demons were still there.

“You still see it. He’s had this amazing high, winning the world title in Las Vegas. Then he’s coming home on the school run.

“You can see why a lot of celebrities and sports stars suffer depression. You have all the glitz and glamour, but then you go back to being normal.

“Tyson can’t go out without someone wanting to take his photo. He can’t understand why? He doesn’t understand that if someone is a fan then they get excited when they see him.

“He’s trying to balance being a sportsman, a husband and a dad, with being a superstar.

“But he is managing a lot better now. The worst was in around 2015-16, every day he was talking about his misery and his problems.

“He was drinking heavily and he was taking drugs, which I didn’t know about at the time. And he was obese. It was a hard time to deal with him especially as I was expecting three times in a row.

“At one stage I wanted to leave.

“In the end he sought help, he got diagnosed and he has come out of it much better.”

Tyson has revealed he came within seconds of killing himself in a Ferrari after he was crowned heavyweight world champion following his fight against Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

Paris said: “The turning point was when he mentioned suicide. I knew he was going to do it.

“He said to me ‘i’m going to stop now’ and get back into boxing. He turned his life around and stuck to it, he didn’t look back.

“We’ve been together for 15 years now, so I think I know him pretty well. It can be irritating when he gets into one of his low modes for something as simple as someone asking for a photo. How can he get so stressed out over something so trivial.

“He is a great dad, a loving husband. He always tried to do his best.”

She adds the couple are plagued by web trolls.

“I don’t read hateful comments,” said Paris. “There’s so much bullying and hatred online. I’m not going to benefit from reading hate, so I don’t.

“I worry about our kids, they’re too young for social media at the moment, but it’s inevitable that they will start using it.

“I worry about them having to deal with someone sat behind a computer saying things to them, giving them grief, just because of who their dad is.

“It will be hard to make them understand that what these people are saying is irrelevant.”

She said when he does retire Tyson wants to start his own gym and set up a foundation to help others suffering from mental health problems.

She said: “He wants to get involved, but he just doesn’t have the time at the moment. When he does it he wants to dedicate himself totally, but at the moment he still has his training.

“He has worked with mental health charities, he has given talks about it. Mental health awareness was one of the reasons we agreed to do the TV show.

“But at the minute he’s not got the time, if he’s going to do it he has to do it wholeheartedly.

“He’ll never fully retire from boxing, he’ll always be involved. He’ll be looking for lads he can train, he’ll be ringside at fights, there’s no chance he’ll just retire. He’s done it all his life, it’s a routine he’ll never break.”


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