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[Opinion] Buhari’s New Year Message and the Rays of Hope

The New Year message of President Muhammadu Buhari has generated a lot of reactions following some submissions contained in the speech.

As a Nigerian, all the paragraphs made by the president call for serious thinking and ponderance, but due to the time and space, I have decided to limit the expression to two important issues bordering on the decision of the president to stand down in 2023 and his unavailability in any future elections.

I decode his unavailability, not to death but will simply not be presenting himself for any elective post in the country forever.

Prior to this declaration, there was some insinuation circulating that President Buhari would seek the third term in office because if he demands for the constitutional amendment and couple with his friendliness to the National Assembly nothing Buhari can demand that can be not passed. As a point to that direction, recently a chieftain of the ruling party approached the court of competent jurisdiction to interprets if the limit of two-term by the governor and president not an infringement on their fundamental right?

The party did not come out immediately to deny that they are not interested in such suit filed by one of their chieftains, and for those who know how the country political permutation works, things would first start by rumour before coming to reality.

In fact, I was among Nigerians who believe if Buhari determined to have the third term agenda, with the current political scenario, he would get it. The question is, with the third term or the fourth term, his tenure must end one day so why wasting time on what won’t last forever?

Thank God the purported insinuation has been finally laid to rest with the open declaration by the President Buhari via the new year message reiterating his commitment that he won’t be manipulating the nation’s constitution to seek a third term in office. I believe we should trust and give him benefit of doubt. By far and wide, the declaration has sent a strong message across the political space that present administration is not interested in anything called the third term.

With such a clear declaration, the permutation for 2023 has started immediately and one thing is sacrosanct that a Nigerian will be a President in 2023 God’s willing. There is urgent need to begin the total overhaul of the current electoral act that can give Nigeria true leaders if President Buhari really wants history to be kind to him.

 Another issue of importance that caught my attention was the determination of President Buhari to obey court orders at all cost. Recently, the administration of Buhari has been lampooned for trampling on court orders which have portray the nation as a lawless society, and unfortunately, some political affiliated Nigerians are still defending what is not defendable. May God give us sense. Amen.

President Buhari must work tirelessly in support of policies to protect the security of life and property, and all his actions at all times must be governed by the rule of law for history to smile on him.

I must state that the resolution of the presidency to respect the separation of power and obey rule of law will surely do the nation good and President Buhari himself would be the highest beneficiary because history can never be kind to someone who disobeys court orders.

People may not have the power and strength to look at his face now to tell him the truth, but when his tenure expires, history would serve him better without any bias.

Existence is by privilege, but history is real and would serve each and every one of us what we deserved. I am of the opinion that I don’t fear my action but always fear history that would follow my actions and inactions.

Irrespective of the past, there is always another chance to redeem what was lost; the declaration by the president is a timely and good omen for the country and for himself. Our country will progress if we allow the dictates and rule of law to take charge.

For anyone who want better future for Buhari should encourage him to do what is right irrespective of the ‘political situation’ because the only goodwill enjoyed by Former President Goodluck Jonathan is his adherence to the rule of law and this singular character has endeared him to the rest of Africa nations and has received many accolades as one of Africa’s finest respectant of rule of law.

Jonathan profile as of rule of law advocate has challenged and poised President Buhari to do the needful because he has done so many wonderful and laudable projects for the progress of our dear nation, and no one needs to be told that he has brought the country forward from where it was to this finest stage and as they say packaging and repairing is continuous. History would always be kind to him on his fight against corruption, infrastructure development; Fight against boko-haram, poverty eradication and real agricultural revolution that clearly differ from cosmetics agenda of the past administration.

The world is divided into people who do things and those who talk about doing things, some do things while others sit around becoming experts on how things might be done. As we enter the New Year, the presidency must belong to the first group of those doing things and talk less as time is of importance and tenure don’t last forever.

I completely agreed with the submission of John Mason that a person who wastes amount of time talking about success will win the “prize” of failure and the most unprofitable item ever manufactured is an excuse. At this last tenure, President Buhari administration must do everything needful to write his name on gold as best performing president and God will help him.

Nevertheless, we must pray and support Buhari to succeed because Nigeria development is a collective task, Buhari does not own Nigeria but only had the mandate to direct its affairs for a certain period. Nigeria project is a collective investment and the success of Buhari is our universal success.

As sincere citizens, it behoves on us to raise the alarm when the presidency is going wrong and applaud them when they do the needful. Nigeria would be better than imagine if we can play by the rules of the game and not overheat the polity with political sentiment coloured by ethnic and religious jingoism.

God Almighty is greater than any religion, and its high time we put our difference aside and work together for a better Nation. If you matured to read this message today, I can assume that 90 per cent of us won’t see the year 3030. All of us would surely be forgotten. So why causing trouble and tension on the land?

An enemy triumph when there is the presence of hatred, and all the social vices confronting our dear nation can be solved by love. If we unite against the enemy, we don’t need any alfa or pastor to tell us that we will win.

We must develop an infinite capacity to ignore what others think cannot be done. No one can predict to what heights we can soar; even we will not know until we spread our wings.

Fatai Abiodun

ICT Expert, Journalist and Public Affairs Analyst



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