Scammers create fake passport and bank ATM with actor Bolanle Ninalowo’s likeness to scam people


Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo has revealed the extent scammers went to dupe people with his likeness.


He shared a photo of a passport and bank ATM card that looks so real. He claims those are not his and they were created by scammers to dupe people.


He also warned people to be careful because scammers have now upped their game and provide documents to make themselves appear legit.


He wrote:


This is how far they go now to scam people.
– A fake passport in my name and picture (no surprise)
– A Real/Fake first bank ATM card (not sure because i don’t even know how possible it is to obtain one without a BVN number or did they generate one at the bank?)
Well i am an Actor and not a crime investigator however i will implore everyone to refrain from all online dealings with anyone or anypage who claims to be Bolanle Ninalowo.
This is my only VERIFIED account. I am not on FACEBOOK, TWITTER or any other social media platforms.
I DO NOT make friends or deal with anyone online for any reasons whatsoever.
You have NEVER chatted with me so stop making yourself believe what you know is totally false.
You get Scammed, you are on your own.


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