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[Opinion] Loyalty: The Missing Link in Edo Politics

Edo state has been trending nowadays not for anything good per se, and it’s unfortunate that the state that pride itself with development in the past has now become the laughing stock in the realm of the media.

Succinctly, the reason is not farfetched than the political calculations ahead of the forthcoming gubernatorial election scheduled for 2020.

The election fever has soaked the interest of political actors and titans in the oil-rich state, and the satisfaction of the loyalty of the incumbent Godwin Obaseki to the party that brought him into power started the separation of interest.

As we know from the accepted definition of democracy as government of the people, by the people and for the people, one can gather that people have the power to install government and government must work for people(masses).
The day the incumbent Governor Obaseki decided to shift the goal post and put his tent of loyalty somewhere else signifies the beginning of the political problem being experienced by the state, and the common man on the street bears the pain.

No person would believe that the relationship between the National Chairman of APC, Comrade Adam Oshomole and his political son would go sour within the first tenure of Godwin Obaseki.
The name Godwin only appeared to the mind of the party when the former Govr. Adam Oshomole defied against all odd to ensure that Obaseki got the party ticket in 2016 as APC flag bearer against the wish of some faithful party members and loyalist.

In a democratic setting, no one can validly claim the ownership of victory; it takes the collective task to achieve success. All of them worked together to produce Obaseki’s victory at the poll, in fact, many party loyalists lost their lives in a bid to ensure the party winning at all cost.

Their lives were not insured rather were they compensated, simply because they believed in the road their political leaders went through to put Godwin at the Government house.

His only selling credential then was being the head of state economic team under Adam Oshiomole, and it won’t be out of place to say Obaseki rode on the gains, influence and achievements of his predecessor Adam Oshiomole to claim victory.

Everybody believed that Obaseki tenure is Adam’s third term agenda due to the energy and resources the former governor put to the campaign. He took him to the crook and crannies of the state, sold his candidacy for common man, re-assured them that he(Godwin) won’t abandon the ongoing projects and he would not deviate from the agenda of development and progressiveness, and he would put the interest of Edo State first above personal interest.

Less than 4 yrs, hope of the party man has been dashed, it was one day per political drama that has negatively affected the space of governance in the state, no single project started by Oshomole administration has been put to completion by Obaseki, and the much-celebrated gigantic medical tourism of the State commissioned by President Buhari at the end of Oshomole’s administration has not been put to use for the common man while many people believe the negligence of the governor aimed to spoil former governor image.

If there is a political fight between two different parties, the development will manifest because that is the only language common man understand, but political rivalry within the same party will affect development. The governor cannot do it alone, he needs the technical know-how and guidance of the State Executive Council who are made up of politicians to work together, but in a situation when they don’t trust where the loyalty of everyone lie, then governance would suffer.

It’s unbelievable that the duo belongs to the same political party but find it difficult to establish a common ground. Immediately Governor Godwin sensing getting the party ticket to fly for re-election in 2020 may be difficult under the cupboard of his former predecessor Adam Oshomole as the party National Chairman, the tougher the fight.

As they say, political problems require political solutions, the rate at which the fracas between Oshomole and his political son get messy daily need urgent party attention so as not to jeopardize the party winning in the forthcoming gubernatorial election.

The recent disruption of peace in the state due to the show of force between the two should be condemned by the good lover of peace and democracy in the country because peace enjoys in Edo state will also have a resultant effect on the masses.

What is happening signifies that the political actors only concern about their interest, either selfish or material you are entitled to decide.

The submissions of the governor that he cannot share the money of Edo state for few people cannot hold water, immediately the governor sensed of ‘Ambode Treatment’ he wants to fight all and to prove that he has the power to defend the masses (interest).

Someone should tell Mr. Governor that if you know you won’t be loyal why seeking for their assistance at the first instance?

No one became governor of the state in isolation; winning takes a collective effort of the party member, friends, associates and common man on the street.

The space on the air is enough for many birds to fly without experiencing any injury.

Taking from the saying that if we want to do something, we will find means of getting it done, but if we don’t want to do it, we find an excuse.

Even if we must prove how powerful we have become, not to the person who helped us to reach the top, and this point to the need for people to know that nothing lasts forever.

I will continue to say it that, loyalty is 100 percent not 99.9 per cent. Its either you are loyal or not. The means of bending corners to prove loyalty is wasting of time.

Comrade Adam should know that everybody wants loyalty, consistency and somebody who won’t quit which is not easy to get. Adam should swallow the humble pie and allow peace to reign, because Godwin won’t be governor forever and history would keep repeating itself.

Only Hope in God lasts forever.

Abiodun an ICT Expert and Public Affairs Analyst
writes from Abuja



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