PDP calls for removal of Kogi Police Commissioner ahead of state polls


People’s Democratic Party Camapign Council in Kogi state has passed a vote of no confidence on the State Police Commissioner,Busari Hakeem and warned that with his presence kogi people should not expect rancourless election by November 16.

Deputy Director Public Communication of the Council,Austin Okai Usman in a statement said the police activities in the have been reduced to taking instructions from the APC led Government in the state.

The council noted with serious concern that the activities of the state police command under the current CP,has reduced the contest of November 16 to a battle between the Police and PDP.

“This is a clear indication that virtually all governmment officials in Kogi and top APC members and their thugs, were been protected and at the same time using the state police Commissioner men to chase,harrass,intimidate and threaten to kill PDP members across the state

“Specifically the council noted with serious worry,the activities of Governor Bello spokesman, Kingsley Fanwo in Mopa Muro local government,Ndamodu Ali,former Commissioner of local government in Ofu,and the clampdown of our supporters in Dekina, Ankpa,Bassa,Idah,Olamaboro and the concluded plans to spread across the state, with the aid of the state Commissioner of police,his men and the fake uniform men,including those imported by Yahaya Bello engaged in dirty and illegal duties in Kogi ”

The council said the police heirachy under Busari Hakeem lacked the partial stance to supervise and monitor the November 16 election,while urging the IG to urgently effect his removal without further delay,to avoid break down of law and order in the state.

The PDP also expressed serious reservation on the continuous detention of DCP Ejeh Suleiman Abutu in SARS custody who was abducted by APC private army from his residence,taking to Dekina Governor’s lodge,tortured for confession under duress and later forced the police heirachy to accept the records of the illegal activties of BelloOnoja’s men
PDP also appealed to the IG to without further delay remove the police Commissioner in the interest of fair play, security of lives and properties and to avoid reprisal attacks from any side of the political divide, particularly the PDP.

According to the council,it has also been informed of the plans by the state government to enlist and incorporate the army on special operation, into the unholy desire to retain power at all costs,by November 16 election
It also asked the Commandant Army Records,Major General Adewale Ogunkale to closely monitor the activities of his men, so as to insulate them from the ongoong infiltration of security agents by the state government
But when contacted for his reaction, the CP expressed sadness that inspite of all he was doing with his men to ensure a free and fair election some people are still castigating him stressing that why must it be the PDP alone in all the political parties that is always complaining.

In his words” Honestly, PDP is not fair to me for accusing me wrongly, they asked for police security we provided them, we have never treated any party above the other and if any of my men are caught conducting themselves in a way that is non professional let them call my attention to it and we will deal with them.

“I know this is the time of election and every party is using all means to get power. I Know a man was arrested with guns, they should allow the police to do their job, if he is not found wanting he would be released, but let them not give a dog a bad name inorder to hang it.”


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