US officials carpet Donald Trump, say withdrawal of troops from Syria complicated operation that led to killing of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi


President Donald Trump has been accused of complicating the operation that led to the killing of World’s Most Wanted Terrorist and Islamic State leader, Mr. al-Baghdadi following his abrupt decision to pull forces from northern Syria.


The US President was also accused of knowing that the Central Intelligence Agency and Special Operations commandos were zeroing in on the location for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State leader as he was kept apprised of the hunt for months.


New York Times reported that Security officials said Trump’s abrupt withdrawal order three weeks ago disrupted the meticulous planning underway and forced Pentagon officials to speed up the plan for the risky night raid before their ability to control troops, spies and reconnaissance aircraft disappeared with the pullout.


Two US officials also disclosed that the information about the Islamic State leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s general location which is in a village deep inside a part of northwestern Syria controlled by rival Qaida group, came following the arrest and interrogation of one of al-Baghdadi’s wives and a courier this past summer.


The CIA worked closely with Iraqi and Kurdish intelligence officials in Iraq and Syria to identify al-Baghdadi’s more precise whereabouts and put spies in place to monitor his periodic movements, allowing U.S. commandos to stage Saturday’s assault in which President Donald Trump said al-Baghdadi died.



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