The president Danjuma babes fc Alhaji lawan Danjuma congratulates his Team


– After Danjuma babes fc final match we spoke the the President Alhaji Lawal Danjuma.

Alhaji how do you see your team performance today. honestly the team had a tremendous game today, you see how the players played, they way they move the ball from the defence to the midfield till the attack.

Is something they have been working vigorously hard to achieve.

i appreciate the coaches and the staffs for thier work throughtout the season .To my dedicated players that play their hearts out for this amazing team. I say gbosa gbosa gbosa to them all. kudos to you all dedicated players for making Danjuma babes fc proud .

i say thank you  all and allah’s willing i will be their to make your dreams come through . once again i thank the coaches for thier dedication to the team. May almighty allah see us through in our endeavours. Ameen .the president said


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