Tanzanian Govt gives contractor 37 days to electrify Arusha, Mwanza villages


THE government has given 37 days to a contractor, Nipo Group Company Limited, to complete electrification in some villages in Arusha and Mwanza regions.

Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Board of Directors of Rural Energy Agency (REA) Styden Rwabangila gave the directive to the company’s Managing Director Wilson Chilewa yesterday.

The directive comes after it was learnt that various REA projects implemented by the contractor in the two regions were progressing slowly.

“We told the contractor that he cannot suspend work by pretending he is delayed to be paid and if he does not complete those projects on time, we will take action against him, including terminating his contract and blacklisting him,” he explained.

He added: “Everywhere we hear regional and district commissioners complaining about the implementation of these projects.

That is why you have seen it is very rare for the board to follow the contractor to the sites to inspect the progress and the implementation of these REA projects to ensure they are completed on time, but we have to do so.”

Acting REA Technical Service Director, Jones Olotu commented that the implementation of REA projects in the country were progressing well and the government aimed at ensuring all projects were completed on time and even when they were handed over to Tanesco, customers would continue being charged 27,000/- to enable all residents to be connected.

“The goal of the government is to supply power to all villages by 2021,” he stressed.

For his part, Nipo Company Limited managing director, the contractor of the projects, assured the board that he would comply with the board’s directive and that his company was preparing a work plan to ensure the implementation of the projects was completed by December 30, this year.

“We are going to increase the number of teams to ensure all projects are completed as directed by the government,” he said.


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