TRIBUNAL RULING: Congratulate Buhari and move on, Guru Maharaj Ji advises Atiku


The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), in the last election, Atiku Abubakar has been advised by a Nigerian Spiritual Leader, Sheikh Guru Maharaj Ji on his tussle with President Muhammad Buhari at the tribunal.

Maharaj ji advised Atiku to “simply resign to fate and accept the ruling of the Presidential Election Tribunal” which affirmed Buhari as the winner of the presidential election.

He spoke during a Press Conference at his Spiritual Centre in Lagos on Tuesday.

The spiritual leader implored the former Vice President, to congratulate President Buhari and have a good hope for the future.

He also canvassed that Atiku should not institute further appeal at the Supreme Court.

“Rather, Atiku should congratulate and give support to Mr. President to allow him proceed in earnest to tackle matters of State which require urgent attention,” he said.

“I would like to also congratulate all present for cooperating with me to disgrace the enemies of the people who predicted that there would be war in Nigeria before, if not during and or after the just ended general elections.

“I singularly led the team to advise the blacks in the Diaspora right from the world not to vote for any other contestants other than President Buhari because we do not need any egregious leader who would wire, transform and steal all your wealth for developing Middle Eastern and European countries, as discovered during the first term of Mr. President.

“I am therefore congratulating the Judges in the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal for a job well done to confirm that the election of President Buhari was fair, free and conducted in an atmosphere of peace.

“This was given credence by all the local and foreign observers.

“I would like through this medium, to allay the fears of the other members of the opposition groups who have been fingered for diverting money meant for public utilities for private use, not to be afraid,” Guru Maharaj ji said.

Maraha Ji, however advised corrupt Politicians to surrender their loot to the government or face the wrath of law.

“All the corrupt politicians need to do is to come out one by one to confess and handover what is left of how much they stole and they would be given soft landing, otherwise, they should be prepared for the worst should they wait to be caught unawares. IBB and Abdulsalam Coup cannot happen at this time”, he said.



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