VIDEO: How Davido became a hit —Akon


US-born Senegalese rapper, Akon, has revealed how Nigeria music star, David Adeleke, aka Davido, made it big.

Akon discussed his relationship with Davido, noting that the music star started his trade in Atlanta, United States, before relocating to Nigeria.

He also talked about his encounters with P-Square and Wizkid; while alleging that Nigerians don’t honour contracts.

He said this during an interview with The Breakfast Club crew on US radio, Power 105.1, while discussing his new project, Akoin.

Akon, while discussing his time in Senegal said that he had signed Wizkid, Davido and P-Square, alleging that there was nothing like contracts in Africa, just handshakes.

When asked why he let him (Davido) go, he said, “It’s not even a matter of letting him go, because in Africa, contracts really don’t exist. You just shake hands. It’s all words. Especially Nigeria, there is no contract being honoured.

“And me and Davido never had a contract. I was more like a big brother walking him through certain things, learn some things, advice, things like that.”

Akon went on to talk about his time on the African continent. He said, “When I was in Africa, I was building an Afrobeat team.

“When I first went out there in 2008, I signed Wizkid, Davido, PSquare. Davido is like my little brother. Did you know, Davido was originally from Atlanta? And started his music career actually in Atlanta and just decided, you know what, ‘It’s too much of a struggle here, let me go back home.’

“He went back home and just popped off like that” (snaps fingers).

Continuing, he said, “P-Square was actually the biggest act as of that time. It was a group of twin brothers. We had a song, ‘Choplife.’

“It was a huge smash. But at the time, Afrobeat wasn’t that big here.

“What I love about Davido is that he is an independent artiste. He came with the US hustle to Africa. So, he completely gets it.”

When asked if Davido was still signed to his record label, he said, “Nah, nah, He’s doing his own thing now.”



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