Group protests alleged harassment of APC members in Imo


A group known as the All Progressives Congress Network For Good Governance in Nigeria has protested the alleged harassment of members of the APC in Imo State by the government.

Coordinator of the group, Okpekor Ndep Okpa, in a statement made available to The Nation in Calabar, called on the Imo State government to also desist from the alleged harassment of former governor, Rochas Okorocha.

The statement read, “The APC Network For Good Governance Nigeria has called on Governor of Imo State to stop harassing and intimidating APC members in the state. We also ask the government to further stop fuelling and sponsoring groups going against the APC Leader in the state Senator Rochas Okorocha. All we want from them is to face governance and follow due process.

“They should sustain the gains of the previous administration for Imo people and not to erase the legacies of Okorocha’s administration. Imo is becoming unsafe for APC members due to constant intimidation and harassment of its members.

“We also condemn the harassment of Okorocha’s family and business places. The present administration should be guided by the laws of due process. Okorocha is a well respected person not only in Nigeria but the whole of Africa. If it continues we will not hesitate to demonstrate against the present Government in Imo state.

“APC Network For Good Governance Nigeria is a socio-political organization that is out to showcase the good works in APC controlled states and the nation at large and to make sure Nigerians truly benefit and believe in the next level agenda of the party. Our interest in Imo State is born out of the fact that Okorocha did very well in terms of projects, programmes and turning the state into one of the tourism states in the country.

“Governance is a continuous process but with what the incumbent Governor is doing by demolishing and constant attack on the former administration it shows that he is out to destroy the Okorocha’s legacies.”



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