Policewoman marries dreaded gangster she met in court


At first glance, it seems like a story straight from a Bollywood potboiler. Payal, a constable from Uttar Pradesh, first met Rahul Tharasana (30), a gangster, at a court in Greater Noida where his case was being heard.

Rahul was accused of murdering a trader named Manmohan Goyal and had been arrested on May 9, 2014.

He is also accused in over a dozen cases of loot and murder.

Payal met Rahul at the Surajpur court where she was posted and immediately fell in love with him.

She remained in touch with Rahul even as he continued to be in and out of jail.

Their love story flourished over the years and recently Rahul shared photographs of his marriage with Payal on the social media.



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